The 1995-96 Chicago Bulls Playoff Run

Chicago Bulls pic

Chicago Bulls

Ben Ripstein has spent eight years as president of Midwest Motors, Inc., where he manages all business activities, from the acquisition of automobiles to strategic engagements with the sales department. When he is away from work, Ben Ripstein enjoys following Chicago professional sports teams such as the Bulls.

Over the course of the 1996 National Basketball Association (NBA) Playoffs, the Chicago Bulls completed one of the most dominant post-season runs the league has ever seen. Led by Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and key role players such as Steve Kerr and Toni Kukoc, the Bulls finished the regular season with a 72-10 record, the best NBA regular season record until 2016.

The Bulls opened their post-season campaign against the Miami Heat. Chicago swept Miami in three games, winning by an average of 23 points. The Bulls’ playoff win streak extended to five games in the second round, when Chicago faced off against the fifth-seeded New York Knicks. New York managed a three-point victory in Game 3 and narrowly lost Game 4 by the same margin before being eliminated in five games.

In the 1996 Eastern Conference Finals, the Bulls swept Shaquille O’Neal and the Orlando Magic in four games, including a 121-83 blowout in Game 1. Upon advancing to a third consecutive NBA Finals, the Bulls stretched their win streak to nine games over the Seattle Supersonics, establishing an insurmountable 3-0 lead before dropping Game 4 and Game 5. Returning to Chicago for Game 6, the Bulls closed out the series with an 87-75 win, bringing an end to what is considered to be the greatest single season in NBA history. In total, Chicago lost just 13 games over the course of the regular season and playoffs.


Potential Early Brain Tumor Symptoms

American Brain Tumor Association pic

American Brain Tumor Association

Ben Ripstein has served as president of Midwest Motors, Inc., since 2009. As company president, he is involved in all aspects of operation, including frequent interactions with the sales department. When he is not leading Midwest Motors, Ben Ripstein supports nonprofit organizations such as the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA).

The ABTA functions as the nation’s premiere advocacy organization dedicated to raising awareness and funding for brain tumor research. At, individuals can learn about various kinds of brain tumors and some of the symptoms that may indicate the presence of a tumor.

Brain tumors vary in terms of type, size, and location, and so can their symptoms. Similarly, individuals receiving treatment for a tumor can experience a wide range of effects. That said, there are a number of common symptoms many individuals experience, including persistent headaches, difficulty with sensory and motor control, loss of hearing and vision, and seizures. Not all of the symptoms of a brain tumor are purely physical. Depression, for example, may be the result of a tumor, as can significant changes in behavior and cognitive reasoning.

Some of the more serious symptoms, including seizures and vision loss, may or may not be related to the development of a brain tumor, while symptoms such as headaches or depression could be connected to a wide range of psychological or physical ailments. However, any person experiencing symptoms such as these should contact a trusted medical professional as soon as possible.

Special Olympics Healthy Athletes Program


Healthy Athletes pic

Healthy Athletes

When not busy with his work as the president of Midwest Motors, Inc., Ben Ripstein devotes his time to many charitable organizations. One of the organizations Ben Ripstein supports is the Special Olympics, which provides opportunities for athletes who are disabled to participate in high-level sporting competitions.

While it is most known for its athletic events, Special Olympics also operates the Healthy Athletes program, which has provided more than 1 million free health examinations across the world and made Special Olympics a top public health organization serving those with intellectual disabilities.

People with intellectual disabilities often receive lower-quality health care, and are less commonly targeted by health education and promotion campaigns, leading to overall worse health outcomes. Diagnoses through the Healthy Athletes program have reversed curable yet significant health problems such as the loss of senses. Its massive database of health data, which focuses specifically on those with intellectual disabilities, makes finding and treating these problems easier and faster.

Chicago Bulls All-Time Great – Michael Jordan


Michael Jordan pic

Michael Jordan

During his spare time, Midwest Motors Inc. president Ben Ripstein enjoys watching sports. Ben Ripstein supports Illinois teams over all others, and considers the Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bulls to be his favorite teams. The Chicago Bulls played host to Michael Jordan, one of the all-time greats of American basketball.

Michael Jordan’s accomplishments are difficult to fully list, though Rookie of the Year, five-time NBA Most Valuable Player, six-time NBA champion, Defensive Player of the Year, and 14-time NBA All-Star would be enough to put him at the top of the sport. His two Olympic gold medals, earned in 1984 and 1992, only further solidify his status as one of the world’s greatest athletes.

His acclaim also comes, however, from his off-the-court activities. Air Jordan sneakers were one of the most popular pieces of footwear during his career, and a co-promotion with Looney Tunes eventually led to the hit movie Space Jam. This high visibility and strong talent were enough to earn him the distinction of ESPN’s greatest athlete of the 20th century, even over all-time greats in other sports like Babe Ruth and Muhammad Ali. Even so, he retained humility, claiming that his greatness was built on that of other legendary players, rather than innate to him alone.

American Brain Tumor Association Hosts 2017 BT5K Event in Chicago

American Brain Tumor Association  pic

American Brain Tumor Association

Since 2009, Ben Ripstein has served as president of Midwest Motors, Inc., a dealer of late-model, luxury vehicles in the Chicago area. Along with his passion for automobiles, Ben Ripstein advocates for medical research as a supporter of the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA).

The first organization of its kind, the ABTA has supported education, research, and outreach for more than 40 years. In this effort, the association continually strives to find innovative ways to fundraise and generate new resources for medical professionals and their patients. One leading campaign is the ABTA Breakthrough for Brain Tumors Run & Walk.

A nationwide event, the Breakthrough for Brain Tumors Run & Walk, also known as the BT5K, occurs annually in select cities. The 2017 BT5K in Chicago will start at 9 a.m. on April 23, 2017, at the Soldier Field Stadium Green. Participants will have the opportunity to create or join a team and work toward the community goal of raising $910,000 for brain tumor research.

American Brain Tumor Association – BTK5 Event in Chicago


Special Olympics Illinois Names New Board Member

Special Olympics Illinois pic

Special Olympics Illinois

An automobile sales executive, Ben Ripstein has served as president of Midwest Motors, Inc., since 2009. A committed community volunteer, Ben Ripstein is an active supporter of Special Olympics Illinois.

Special Olympics Illinois recently announced the appointment of MAKE Corporation CEO Karen Wilson to its board of directors. She will also serve on the organization’s development committee. She has previous experience with Special Olympics Illinois, serving as co-chair and then chair of the Inspire Greatness Gala in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

MAKE Corporation maintains offices in Dallas and Chicago. Beginning as a partner in 2002, Wilson would go on to purchase the company a decade later and has overseen its successful growth as a leading provider in the professional services and staffing industry.

Her other board experience includes an appointment to the board of directors for TechServe Alliance for the past eight years, in addition to her role with VMS Professionals as its board president.