Luxury Vehicle Brands Pushing into the Hybrid Marketplace

A provider of high quality vehicles to a diverse clientele, Ben Ripstein serves as the president of Midwest Motors, Inc. In his leadership capacity, Ben Ripstein purchases exotic vehicles from iconic luxury manufacturers like Bentley, Aston Martin, and Ferrari.

Executives working for both Bentley and its competitor, Rolls Royce, recently indicated in interviews that they hope to enter the plug-in hybrid marketplace. Plug-in hybrids differ from purely electric cars in that they can draw on both electrical energy and internal combustion to produce locomotion. The sudden interest by luxury manufactures in the plug-in hybrid market likely owes to spiking fuel prices and government regulation on fuel-inefficient vehicles.

Further, research conducted by Bentley demonstrates that its customer base is attracted to a luxury hybrid vehicle, especially if that vehicle were easy to drive. The manufacturer has been branching out of late. For example, it is producing a luxury SUV, the first of its kind, for release in 2015. Bentley will probably develop a plug-in hybrid version of the SUV following its launch.


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