Team Breakthrough Fundraiser for American Brain Tumor Association

Team Breakthrough pic

Team Breakthrough

Ben Ripstein is an accomplished businessman and president of Midwest Motors, Inc. Aside from his work with Midwest Motors, where he oversees all daily tasks and purchases, Ben Ripstein also supports the American Brain Tumor Association.

The American Brain Tumor Association is a national organization with over forty years of dedication to funding research and assisting those with brain tumors. The organization hosts a variety of fundraisers and events to help with this goal, and as a national association, many volunteer options are available to anyone who wishes to become involved. One such option is a fundraising event called “Team Breakthrough.”

A marathon training and racing event, “Team Breakthrough” allows participants to create a team to train for their choice of endurance events nationwide. “Team Breakthrough” is a fundraising challenge, and so the team must raise a minimum of $1000 during their training and before their participation in the run. The money goes toward a fundraising goal that changes from year to year, but is usually around $50,000, and supports research and awareness for brain tumors. The runners receive a t-shirt signaling their achievement and support for the cause.


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