Basic Pre-Boating Safety Preparations

Pre-Boating Safety pic

Pre-Boating Safety

A car dealer by profession, Ben Ripstein serves as the president of Midwest Motors, Inc. In his free time, Ben Ripstein enjoys boating.

A successful boating trip requires all participants to abide by basic safety rules. First and foremost, all boaters should have with them a Coast Guard-approved floatation device, although the safest option is to wear the device at all times while on the water. Boaters should also bring a fire extinguisher and boat lights, in case an emergency strands the boat on the water after dark.

In addition, experts recommend that boaters thoroughly check the vessel before departing. Safety steps include opening the hatches to check for fumes, as well as ensuring that the boat is not overloaded with weight. Before going out on the water, the captain or boat owner should draw up a float plan, which includes an itinerary and a list of passengers, and leave this plan with someone who will remain on shore.

Finally, all boaters would do well to check the weather before departing. Dark clouds and predictions of rain should prompt the postponement of the trip. Boaters must also check for local regulations and any potential hazards nearby, so they can start the trip safely.


Two Great Places to Visit in Antigua

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Stingray City

In his role as president of Midwest Motors Inc., Ben Ripstein is responsible for buying all cars and overseeing the sales department. In his leisure time, Ben Ripstein enjoys traveling and has visited many international destinations, such as Antigua, Guatemala.

Visitors to Guatemala who find themselves in Antigua have no shortage of interesting sights and sounds to take in when combing the city and its surrounding areas. For those looking for specific suggestions, here are two great activities to consider upon a visit to Antigua.

1. Stingray City
Just a short speedboat trip away is Stingray City, where visitors can watch Southern Rays feed and swim near the coral reef. The pristine water gives a crystal clear view of the stingrays, who bury themselves in sand when hunting for food. These stingrays are friendly towards humans, and have sometimes been called the puppy dogs of the ocean. They love attention, and some will even allow a person to pet them.

2. The Saint Catalina Arch
The Arco Santa Catalina (Saint Catalina Arch), on Fifth Avenue North, was once a convent. The number of nuns there grew so large that the administrators sought expansion, purchasing the property across the street. To allow access to both structures, the administration built the arch connecting the two. In modern times, the building operates as a hotel and restaurant, but maintains much of the historic architecture and charm that serve as an homage to its origins.