Potential Early Brain Tumor Symptoms

American Brain Tumor Association pic

American Brain Tumor Association
Image: abta.org

Ben Ripstein has served as president of Midwest Motors, Inc., since 2009. As company president, he is involved in all aspects of operation, including frequent interactions with the sales department. When he is not leading Midwest Motors, Ben Ripstein supports nonprofit organizations such as the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA).

The ABTA functions as the nation’s premiere advocacy organization dedicated to raising awareness and funding for brain tumor research. At http://www.abta.org, individuals can learn about various kinds of brain tumors and some of the symptoms that may indicate the presence of a tumor.

Brain tumors vary in terms of type, size, and location, and so can their symptoms. Similarly, individuals receiving treatment for a tumor can experience a wide range of effects. That said, there are a number of common symptoms many individuals experience, including persistent headaches, difficulty with sensory and motor control, loss of hearing and vision, and seizures. Not all of the symptoms of a brain tumor are purely physical. Depression, for example, may be the result of a tumor, as can significant changes in behavior and cognitive reasoning.

Some of the more serious symptoms, including seizures and vision loss, may or may not be related to the development of a brain tumor, while symptoms such as headaches or depression could be connected to a wide range of psychological or physical ailments. However, any person experiencing symptoms such as these should contact a trusted medical professional as soon as possible.