Special Olympics Healthy Athletes Program


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Healthy Athletes
Image: specialolympics.org

When not busy with his work as the president of Midwest Motors, Inc., Ben Ripstein devotes his time to many charitable organizations. One of the organizations Ben Ripstein supports is the Special Olympics, which provides opportunities for athletes who are disabled to participate in high-level sporting competitions.

While it is most known for its athletic events, Special Olympics also operates the Healthy Athletes program, which has provided more than 1 million free health examinations across the world and made Special Olympics a top public health organization serving those with intellectual disabilities.

People with intellectual disabilities often receive lower-quality health care, and are less commonly targeted by health education and promotion campaigns, leading to overall worse health outcomes. Diagnoses through the Healthy Athletes program have reversed curable yet significant health problems such as the loss of senses. Its massive database of health data, which focuses specifically on those with intellectual disabilities, makes finding and treating these problems easier and faster.